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Survey of Woods at Duddon Bridge 2019

Lots of effort has been spent during the Rusland Horizons Project on surveying all the woodlands around the Rusland Valley and many interesting sites have been found.

Dave Hughes and Stephe Cove have decided to do our own little survey of the woodland around the Furnace at Duddon Bridge. Further surveys have been done by ArchVols led by Mervyn Cooper before forestry operations commence in New Wood and Intake Wood

Information on Duddon Woods Survey

Corney Fell Survey 2017

The original R2R project made a level 1 survey of the Duddon Valley walking over the whole of the valley sides from ridge down to river. This survey is now being extended from its original boundary with the Corney Fell Road. This survey has not been continued for a number of reasons. If you are prepared to take up organising a small group to cover more of the ground, contact Sue Lydon

Information on Corney Fell Survey


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