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Survey Phase 2016

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The Duddon Dig

The review of our Longhouse report came with the feedback that only digging at one of the sites would answer any of our questions. This would be a big step for us to take and it was a steep learning curve but we got a lot of advice and support without which we would have floundered.

How do you set about getting to the point when the first turf is lifted and an excavation of a site begins? If you are interested in how to setup a project, create a tender document, apply for grants Read more...

Now we were ready to go

Surveying the Three Sites

All three sites were heavily infested with bracken and it took eighteen volunteers two full days with strimmers, slashers and rakes to clear all three sites ready for the professionals to bring in their equipment. For two weeks, we surveyed with total stations and drones. We walked up and down with mysterious machines that were measuring resistivity and magnetometry and storing the readings to help pinpoint where we might profitably dig our trenches. We sampled the peat using coring devices that we hoped would help with information about what was growing in the area at the time of occupation.

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